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    Youth Piano Art Pioneer on the Keyboard

    With recitals and concertos, performed with orchestras globally in cities like Beijing, Berlin, Torun, Jerusalem, etc., Tianqi Du has the recognition with awards of over a dozen of international piano awards including German Steinway Youth Piano Competition, The American San Jose International Youth Piano Competition, Japan Asia Chopin Piano Competition, and so on at the young age. He created a piano experimental film Libido Fantasy, which leads to a huge impact on Chinese social media. Later on, he composed the theme music for FIS World Cup of Freestyle Skiing Aerials, with the performance at the Chinese National Stadium Bird's Nest. After joining New England Conservatory of Master of Music with scholarship, he has been dedicated to research and performance on J.S.Bach's works and hopes to bring his pursuit and understanding to more audience on the music of J.S.Bach.


    As the junior of Chinese top pianists Li Yundi, Chen Sa, he is the fellow apprentice of the famous Chinese piano educator, Professor Dan Zhaoyi. Currently during his master life, he is the student of Meng-Chieh Liu.

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    The Traveling Dreamer in the Music & Art Wonderland

    Competitions and Concerts

    Tianqi was taught piano at the age of 5 by professor Chen Xuejun. As the junior of Li Yundi, Chen Sa, He has been under the apprentice of the renowned piano educator in China, Professor Dan Zhaoyi since 12 years old. Smart and studious, he showed his early distinct talent in piano. He revealed extraordinary artistic talents and ranked the top three in a number of domestic and international piano competitions such as the Hong Kong Toyama Piano Competition, Chinese Final of German Steinway Piano Competition, Germany Wiesbaden Youth Piano Competition, The American San Jose International Youth Piano Competition, Japan Asia Chopin Piano Competition, Second Beijing International Piano Festival Concerto Piano Competition. With recitals and concerts globally in Berlin, Jerusalem, Torun, San Jose, Tokyo, and most major cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xiamen, Chongqing, Guiyang, performed concertos like Chopin concerto in E minor, Op.11, Chopin concerto in F minor, Op.21, Schumann concerto in A minor, Op.54, Grieg concerto in A minor, Op.16, Scriabin concerto in #F minor, Op.20, Ravel concerto in G Major with many orchestras.

    Compositions and Film

    In 2013, Tianqi Du released Libido Fantasy, which combined psychology, arts experiment into his own composition into the classical music world. Cooperated with the Iranian movie soundtrack master Peyman Yazdanian, it displayed new forms of mix and match. Simultaneously, the music video was directed and acted by Tianqi himself.


    On 22nd December 2013, Tianqi Du kicked off the closing ceremony with his independent work “ICE Theme” on the “2013-2014 FIS World Cup Freestyle Skiing Aerials “ in the National Stadium of China (the Bird's Nest) where the Beijing Olympic was held.

    Johann Sebastian Bach

    With 2 years' silence, he began new trail starting from moving to Boston in New England Conservatory for his master. Up to the north like where Gould found the charm, in this foreign land, he's found solace in Bach in moments of tortuous indecision or yearning for home. Later on, he channeled all his energies to study Bach and practice the Goldberg Variations. The music of Bach has been a constant companion, bringing him new life.


    After keen on practicing Bach, with deeper understanding of Bach’s music which embodies the exploration of the highest spheres of idea that unifies humankind, Tianqi wants to share to more audience about how in Bach's world, philosophy, mathematics, science, and art pursues the same objective. This became the origin of Tianqi Goldberg Variations Tour in 2018...

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    Du Tianqi 2018 World Tour Is Warming Up…

    Du Tianqi Bach Tour 2018 series in Boston

    Time:2018-03-29 20:00-21:30 / Location:Burnes Hall, New England Conservatory

    290 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

    Click Here for more information

    Du Tianqi Bach Tour 2018 series in New York

    Time:2018-04-21 19:30-21:00 / Location:Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall

    57th Street and 7th Avenue, New York City

    Click Here for more information

    Du Tianqi Bach Tour 2018 series in Chengdu

    Time:2018-06-09 19:30-21:00 / Location:Nie'er Concert Hall, Sichuan Conservatory Of Music

    No. 6, Xingsheng Road, Chengdu

    Du Tianqi Bach Tour 2018 series in Shanghai

    Time:2018-06-17 19:30-22:00 / Location:Shanghai Oriental Art Center

    No. 425, Dinxiang Road, Shanghai

    Du Tianqi Bach Tour 2018 series in Shenzhen

    Time:2018-06-24 19:30-22:00 / Location:Shenzhen Concert Hall

    No. 2016, Fuzhongyi Road, Shenzhen

    Du Tianqi Bach Tour 2018 series in Beijing

    Time:2018-06-28 19:30-21:00 / Location:Beijing Concert Hall

    No.1, Beixinhua Jie, Xicheng District, Beijing

  • Media

    “Tianqi Du is widely recognized as the most potential piano star in China”

    Youth Pianist Du Tianqi Got Attention, Playing at the Closing Cerenomy of the FIS World Cup

    (ifeng.com)On Dec. 12th, in China National Stadium, the Bird Nest, youth pianist Du Tianqi played for the closing ceremony in "Audi -2013-2014 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup". The youth pianist Du Tianqi used his new creation of independent piano work "ICE Theme" for the men's team finals kicked off. The piano music had the fusion of Western strings and elements of traditional Chinese drum which led the audience to a mysterious snowy land. The completion of Ice Theme is also Du's first independent work after the cooperation with Iran composition master Peyman Yazdanian …[MORE]

    Piano New Star Du Tianqi held Libido Fantasy Concert Night.

    (GQ) As the prond desciple of The famous piano educator China professor Dan Zhaoyi, and the junior of the famous piano artist Yundi Li, Chen SA, piano star Du Tianqi held in the evening of July 10th the"Libido fantasy" personal concert night in Beijing, cooperated with Iranian movie soundtrack master Peyman Yazdanian. This was also the 3rd time Peyman's cooperation with Chinese top artists after his cooperation with movie director Lou Ye and Li Yu. This time, he chose a post-90's young star...[MORE]

    Du Tianqi Kicked off with His Performance at the Award Gala of Beijing International Piano Festival

    (163.com)In November 23rd 8, the second Beijing International Piano Festival "Chopin Memorial awards, Schuhmann's 200th anniversary Piano Concerto Competition" held at the Beijing Music Hall. The gold medal went to the Guizhou piano prodigy Du Tianqi. That night, he dressed in a tuxedo finale, the piano virtuoso like excitement, flowing in the fingertips, the perfect interpretation of the Schuhmann Concerto in a minor, ended in the warm applause from the audience…[MORE]

    The Che Guevara Type of Piano Prodigy-- Du Tianqi

    (Guizhou Metropolis Daily)In 2011, to shoot the 26th Universiade announcements, the Universiade organizing committee invited the leaders of all life areas. The only representative from piano field was a piano talant called Du Tianqi, from Guizhou. The boy is only 19 years old this year, but has won the third in Wiesbaden Youth Piano Competition in Germany at 12's, second place inthe United States won the ninth Russian Music Youth Piano Competition with Special Jury Award at 16's, in Japan, the silver medal in Asian Chopin International Piano Competition and so on. The famous musician Dan Zhaoyi, Zheng Xiaoying has highly praised for him. Du said "I hope I can be like Che Guevara, can be like an idealist, to be someone with the fulcrum, to be a valuable person, and a more pure person…[More]

    Du Tianqi and Conductor Zheng xiaoying's Amazing Mix & Match

    (163.com)The evening of July 2nd at 8:30, young pianist Tianqi Du and the current chief conductor of the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, the first Chinese female conductor professor Zheng Xiaoying played together at the Guiyang Grand Theatre, with a classical symphony concert for the audience. The concert was hard to get a ticket, and the venue was full...[More]

  • -Main Award-

    Main awards Du Tianqi had won before his 17's:

    · 2002, The Chinese Final of the 65th session of the German Steinway Youth Piano Competition in Beijing, favored by Arie Vardi

    · 2004, Ranks The Second in the 3rd session of Germany Wiesbaden Youth Piano Competition groupⅡ

    · 2008, The Champion in the Shenzhen Division of the 1st CCTV Piano Violin Competition in 2008

    · 2008, Ranks The Third and the Special Jury Prize in the 9th USA and San Jose Piano Competition in 2008. Then he was invited to the ViennaFest 2009.


    Main award and performance after his 18's:

    · 2009, He Ranked 6th in teenage group two of the first session of the China Youth Piano Competition Wenhua Award

    · In September 2009, he cooperated with Chinese renowned female conductor Zheng Xiaoying and played Chopin's “The Second Piano Concerto in f Minor” in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The performance was spoken highly.

    · In 2010, The silver award in the high school group of the Asian Chopin International Piano Competition in Japan in 2010.

    · In 2010, once again he cooperated with Chinese famous conductor Zheng Xiaoying and performed "Grieg Piano Concerto in a minor” in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province on the evening of 2nd July, 2010. The local newspaper, television, broadcasts vigorously reported the event, which made a sensation throughout the whole town.

    · Cooperated with Poland Bydgoszcz Symphony Orchestra and performed "Grieg Piano Concerto in a minor” in Poland Bydgoszcz on 15thAugust, 2010 and got remarkably positive feedback from the local audience in Poland. He also got there recognition and praise from the world-famous piano Professor Jasinski on the scene.

    · In November 2010, he stood out and won the Gold Prize in the Second Beijing International Piano Festival Concerto Piano Competition that was co-sponsored by China Broadcasting and Art Troupe (China Film Orchestra), the organizing committee of Italy Brescia & Bergamo Piano Festival, the Singapore Media Development Authority and supported by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts of Singapore. And together with China Film Symphony Orchestra, he attended the awards concert in Beijing Concert Hall in the Chinese capital, Beijing and played “Schumann Concerto in a minor”. The show was recorded and broadcast by the music channel of Chinese state television station CCTV.

    · In 2011, he participated the national release ceremony of his mentor Professor Dan Zhoayi‘s book "A Piano Educator Who Cultivates World Champions Dan Zhoayi Series". He held a China tour in 6 cities including Chengdu, Yichang, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong and had a perfect ending in Beijing national Grand Theater.

    · In December 2012, on behalf of Chinese young pianists, he was invited to participate the Sino-Israel Young Pianist Festival that was jointly organized by Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and performed in Jerusalem.

    · In 2013, he completed the independent project called "Libido Fantasy". The work includes his own composition, short movies and performance, of which the original music video was directed and acted by the Du Tianqi himself. Combined with psychology, arts, with the concepts of construction and deconstruction, the movie has an original, authentic and beautiful style, profound meanings and brings visual and auditory freshness to the audience with the music. Synchronously, it also touches the audience heartstrings of “libido”, raising their psychic energy to think in their mind.

    · On December 2012, as special guest, Du Tianqi attended the welcome dinner of "2013-2014 FIS World Cup of Freestyle Skiing Aerials”. Relevant leaders from FIS (International Ski Federation), the General Administration Sports of China, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and partner Audi, etc. attended the ceremony. Du Tianqi played a classical Chinese folk song “In That Place Wholly Faraway” with his whole heart to express the welcome to the representative teams from around 13 countries.

    · On 22nd December, 2013, young pianist Du Tianqi kicked off the men’s final with his independent work “ICE Theme” on the “Audi 2013-2014 FIS World Cup freestyle skiing aerials “ in the China's National Stadium (the Bird's Nest) where the Beijing Olympic was held. The music combines the elements of piano, western strings and traditional Chinese drums to lead us to a mysterious snow realm. This was also the first time that Du Tianqi completed his personal work independently after his cooperation with Iranian movie soundtrack master Peyman Yazdanian.

    · In June 2015, he was invited by Geman BMW to creatively cooperate with the BMW new 7 series and perform "Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini". The show was spoken highly by the ambassadors from embassies and guests from government, business, cultural and media sides.

    · Award with half-fee scholarship in September, 2016, Du Tianqi was enrolled in New Engliand Conservatory of Music with his specialization on Master of Music. He is the fellow of Prof. Meng Chieh Liu.

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